sekadar luahan

hi.. so its the first post in 2017.. welcome back !! ☺
tak banyak pun nak cerita.. its still same. the old me. the old us. there's nothing change. sekarang more to ignore everything around me. i am okay and still okay.. huhh. kenapa dalam percintaan banyak halangan. makin lama hubungan, makin banyak hal jadi. why. everyday my eyes got tears everytime when i think about him. its not his fault. its my fault. and i can feel hurt inside. its really2 hurt and i dont know who should i talk to when i am being hurt. i think like i am alone and i dont have anyone that would calm and talk to me when i am sad. 😢😢 thats why i am here to tell whats inside my heart but its fail.. i dont know for how long could i keep this feeling. hope you read this.

sorry for broken english.
a way to lets the burden go..
i am tired

tunggu ap lagi ? jum komen... :)

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